Spring & Autumn Outfit Ideas

Firstly, I hope you’re all having THE BEST long weekend! I decided to take Thursday off as well, so was super excited about my 5 day weekend.  I finally got round to doing things I’d been putting off and also had time to drink lots of wine, see friends and family and sleep in – hoorah.

As part of my to-do list, I decided to have a clean out of my wardrobe – particularly all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore. I had so much stuff in storage for in case I ever decided to PUT THE CAKE DOWN.  I used to be a size S and now I’m an L – when the fudge did that happen?!  I’m sure a lot of us have been down this very well travelled road:  You meet the man of your dreams, you eat with the man of your dreams, you start relaxing with the man of your dreams and before you know it, you’re 3 dress sizes bigger and wearing granny panties for the man of your dreams.  #sexual.

So, I decided to put myself on a for-weekdays-only diet (cos I’m not totally insane) and get some new items to revamp my look and make me feel confident again.  Safe to say, the revamp is working.  I have found some great items to wear into spring and judging by all the crazy weather we’ve had in the UK, I feel like its super appropriate.

I also kept my fellow South Africans in mind by creating looks to inspire you as you approach autumn/winter.

When putting these looks together, I wanted to play with silhouettes. Skorts are great because they give you the benefit of shorts, but with the look of a skirt. And we all know how much I looove a balloon sleeve – they’re fun and girly.

I combined these outfits with some biker boots and shoes that I am OBSESSED with.  The shoes I got in the Asos sale (so not sure if available but there are similar) and the boots are selling fast on Pretty Little Thing.

Below are my picks.  Please see my Instagram for exact outfit credits.

Bag and Shirt Dress – Boohoo | Boots – Pretty Little Thing | Belt – Primark
Bodysuit – Boohoo | Necklace – Topshop (Freedom Jewellery) | Skort – Missguided | Bag – Zara

Playsuit – Missguided | Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Shirt – Boohoo | Belt – Primark | Sunglasses – Topshop | Shoes – Asos (Sale)

Trends n Travel-wear Ideas

Travelling to a new destination is so exciting!  The time off work has been booked and the holiday can not come any sooner. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably bought lots of new outfits and will more than likely leave all your packing to the last minute.  This is a pretty chaotic scene, which involves me stomping between tumble dryer, laundry basket, wardrobe and suitcase, sniffing my clothes and muttering to myself like a mad woman.

One of the more common questions I hear myself asking out loud would usually be:

“But what do I wear to the airport and on the plannnnne??”

This question always crops up once I’ve packed EVERYTHING I need… and it now requires me to unpack everything to find something that I might wear on the plane, which I will more than likely, decide not to wear on the plane, forcing me to find a new place for the item in a bag that is fully packed – phew!

Because this issue boggles my mind almost every time I travel, I have decided to make matters easier by coming up with a few outfit solutions:

The criteria:

  • easy to put on
  • comfortable to wear
  • warm
  • on trend…

And speaking of “on trend”, there has been a massive surge of Yeezy inspired looks amongst online retailers like Boohoo.com, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing to name a few.  And thanks to Kim and Kanye’s super chilled approach to advertising Season 6 of their brand on Instagram, this trend has become something we all want! Not only for look, but also for mega comfort!

On a side note though: I had strongly opposed the idea of wearing tracksuit bottoms and cycling shorts in any setting outside of home and the gym, but after seeing the colour schemes and looks pulled together, I would say I’m officially converted and I feel like Travel outfits just got edgier.

So, in conclusion, I have attached some images of Yeezy Season 6 outfits that inspired me, as well as the looks I put together which are super comfy for travelling in.  I am wearing heels in some of the looks to make them more ‘Fasherrrn’ but you could always pair these with trainers for ultra comfort.

Please see my Instagram for outfit credits.

Looking trendy OUTSIDE in winter

A reader asked:  During winter, how does one look trendy between destinations, when the focus is to keep warm?

It is SO true that being trendy goes out of the window when you’re cold.  Its really demotivating when you’ve spent all morning putting a sassy outfit together, to then cover it up with the same old coat-n-scarf you wear everyday. This is a problem I personally struggle with and it makes me so lazy sometimes, that I’ll even go out in my pyjamas, because I know that my coat will cover them up and no one will see them – I think this might be frowned upon, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there…

I never have this problem in summer though.  I feel like I always look ON POINT during the warmer months – tanned, colourful, trendy… tipsy… oh how I miss it.

Anyway!  Moving forward with a solution: I have created a variety of looks that will not only be trendy outdoors, but will also be warm and chic indoors. Buying loads of coats/jackets can get really expensive, so I have used my everyday outerwear and dressed them up differently with accessories. I focused on using shoes, belts, hats and scarves to a create a variety of new and exciting outfits. Combining textures like knit, tweed, faux fur and leather makes an outfit look interesting and instantly stylish. Hats and sunglasses are a great addition to any winter outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment with either/both of them. Please keep scrolling down to see them all.

Coat and Shirt Dress: Zara (sale) | Boots: prettylittlething.com | Faux Fur Bag: boohoo.com
Scarf and Jumper: Zara (sale) | Hat: Spittlefields Market, London
Faux Fur Jacket and Scuba Skirt: boohoo.com | Fluffy Heart Keyring: Zara (sale) | Belt and Black Top: Primark | Pink Boots: Miss Selfridge (sale)
Beret: Topshop | Tshirt: Zara (sale) | PVC Boots and Body Chain: Asos (sale)
Puffer Jacket: prettylittlething.com | Shirt: Asos (sale) | Sunglasses: Primark

Jumper: Primark
Tartan Skirt: boohoo.com | Earings: Next
Dress: Zara (sale) | Leather Gloves: Marks and Spencer
Flatforms: Primadonna Collection

Thank you to all of you who have read my previous blog/ Instagram posts. Each and every read/like/comment is so motivating and I really appreciate all your feedback. Keep em coming!

*Clears throat* ‘New year, new me…’

My Boohoo co-ordI always find it quite difficult to commit to things, especially personal projects like my blog – I get easily distracted and find myself quitting before I have even started. I don’t do this on purpose and I’m pretty sure that 80% of people reading this can relate. Work and life takes over and the moment I get a break from them, I want to do nothing else but indulge in binge eating and a gripping series – my two favourite things, now that I’m 29 years old – when did that happen?!

I don’t manage my time very wisely and perhaps this blog would be more successful if I started managing my time better. Hmmm, New Years resolution maybe? I haven’t actually set any goals this year as I find the “new year, new me” crap to be cheesy and mostly unsuccessful. However, it does work for some and it is time for me to start setting goals and committing to things, particularly my blog, my health and saving money to travel (I don’t want to be a lazy, stuck 30 year old).

Two days ago, I flew back to the UK from a wonderful holiday in Italy with my family. I spent my time skiing, laughing and eating/drinking far too much. My heart and stomach are full and I feel like now would be a good time to start the new me. It is Monday after all, so what better day to start?

As I said before, I do find blogging quite difficult to keep up with, so please bear with me while I try to find my footing in this online world. I plan to be more consistent in my postings in future. I also plan to make this blog more personal.

Please don’t be shy to give me some ideas on what you want to see in future. I want to inspire YOU, so if there is any particular style/product/issue you want me to address, please let me know and I will do my best to address it.

Thanks for reading guys, and for all your insta support. Outfit details below❤️

Click here for the 1990 Tracksuit Co-ord – there are loads more like it under ‘Loungewear’.

Click here  for my faux fur bag – there are a variety of colours to choose from.

I bought my beret from Primark in the sale, so not sure if it’s still available. Click here for a similar one to mine.

Stars n’ Stripes

This. Top. Is Everything.

I just love it and can't stop wearing it!  I actually wear my jeans so much more these days because the top goes so well with them. The overly dramatic puffy sleeves; the organza fabric; the embroidered stars; the fact that its white; the flattering little peplum over the tummy area; the fact that its totally true to size – everything about this top has my name written all over it!

I have chosen to pair it with a lacey white bralet underneath to keep it classy, but for a more edgy or fun look, you could toy with wearing other colours underneath.  Nipple pasties would work brilliantly in a festival setup – but this is not for everyone, which is fairly understandable…

As well as jeans, this top goes really well with a leather mini skirt, denim shorts or leggings.  You can really pair it with anything however, I would prefer to keep the attention on the top, so pairing it with something plainer would make it stand out a lot more.

I also wanted to talk about these jeans from Topshop.  These are part of the 'Jamie' collection, which are a high-waisted, stretchy and skinny fitting pair of jeans. They are also the only jeans I buy these days, and here's why:

Sizing:  The collection has a variation of waist sizes to leg length combinations. I normally buy a 28" waist (UK size 10) and 30" leg.  These jeans have a great stretch and firm hold.  I like to go a size lower, as they do stretch over time and I like them to be quite snug around my waist to avoid having to pull them up all the time.

Styles and Colours:  They come in various colours, washes and styles.  Its not often you find a pair of jeans that fit really well, that come in every style and colour you could ever want in your wardrobe.

Flattering:  They have big back pockets and a firm stretch.  So they literally hold everything in like a pair of spanx – honestly, they're amazing.  I get a butt lift, thigh gap and leg width reduction in these jeans.

For those of you who dread jeans shopping like I do, here are my 3 main criteria to buying a new pair of skinny's:

  1. Does it make my butt look fire?(I prefer big pockets, as they are far more flattering.  High-waisted jeans also make your behind look perkier.)
  2. Does it hug my waist AND my legs down to the ankles?(some jeans fit my bum really well, but are loose around my waist, legs and ankles – this is a no-no – unless you're going for a different shape, i.e: MOM, boyfriend, bootleg, flare, straight leg, etc.)
  3. Can I breathe and sit down in them?(If not, their fit is all wrong.  Jeans need to be comfortable.)

This outfit is so easy to wear and in my opinion, goes with almost any occasion.  To shop the look, please click on the links below 🙂

Click here to buy the top!

Click here to buy the jeans!

Click here to buy the shoes!

Click here to buy the shades!

Blue Butterfly

I am seriously loving this colour at the moment and we all know how I feel about frills! These shorts from Missguided are so comfortable, true to size and look so cute on.  They are also not too short at the back, which makes them great for day or evening get ups.

I also recently discovered this shoe brand called, Truffle, and can't get enough of these gorgeous wedges! The site also has these shoes in other colours. When choosing a heel or wedge, I mostly go for shoes with an ankle strap. I find it makes my legs look longer and my ankles look smaller. A strap any lower than the ankle often looks very unflattering on me and I cant really figure out why!

This outfit is so versatile, so dress it up or down with shoes and jewellery.

Click here to buy the shorts!

Click here to buy the shoes!

Click here to buy the earrings!

Click here to buy the shades!

Travelling in Denim

Its been a while since my last post and this is because I seem to have spent all my money on holidays! (and not clothes – for a change)  However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I recently went to Amsterdam, where I found the attitude towards life to be really liberal and experimental (to put it lightly). I was really surprised by the fact that people didn’t seem to be very experimental in their fashion choices. They just seemed to wear very practical, comfortable clothing.  Now, I could be massively generalizing as we were mainly in touristy areas, but it was something I noticed whilst I was there.  This being said, I decided to play it a little more safe and comfortable, especially as we were doing a lot of walking and sightseeing.

Denim and Leather.  The safest, yet sexiest fabrics one can wear in public. Combining the two turns a comfortable outfit into a sexy and edgy one without even trying.  Because I was travelling on this day, I opted for my black leather skort (which I have owned for years) and my ripped denim jacket and white v neck top for a comfy, casual and chic look.  I decided to wear tights with this outfit, partly because it looked better and partly because they prevented my short legs from rubbing together.

I bought the jacket in a UK size 14-16.  I am a UK size 12 for those of you who are wondering.  When deciding to buy the jacket, I was inspired by the way Kim Kardashian-West wears her denim jacket. I love the baggy, over-sized look of a jacket or jumper – especially for travelling! Its so flattering and so comfortable, so my tip would be to go a size or two bigger when getting an everyday denim jacket.  Pair it with a baggy T-shirt and a pair of leggings for the ultimate cool traveler look – or something similar to KKW below, for a more sexy/casj look.

Jacket, Top and Bag are from Primark – Check stores for availability.

Skort was Zara and shoes were Asos – Unavailable.

Kim Kardashian Wears Clear Thigh-High Boots in N.Y.C.

White hot: Kim Kardashian continued to reinvent the rules of fashion when she wore a corset out for all to see Sunday night for her sister Kylie Jenner's bash at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood